Excerpt from “Things to See and Do on Triton” | NaPoWrimo 18.8




The Oldest Loves and Promises | NaPoWriMo 18.6

I Brought You the Moon Image Credit & Copyright- Fernando Cabrerizo.jpg
I Brought You the Moon Image Credit & Copyright- Fernando Cabrerizo

The trees knew the Moon before
our ancestors lived in them
they had long ago fallen in love
with its changing silver light
even though it didn’t nourish them
perhaps even because of it.
They whispered to us
when we came around
and we fell in love, too.

High as trees could reach
the moon was too far away.
But even that far back
we knew it was not too far
for us

We promised
when some day we went
we would bring it back
to them.

No More Missing | NaPoWriMo 18.1

I haven’t succeeded with National Poetry Writing Month for a couple years. Didn’t even try last year, but this year I’ll give it another go.

First taught
to imagine orbit
as falling
ever falling around
at just the right speed
to miss
the ground

gravity’s partners
feather touches
of atmosphere
push or pull
of magnetic field
the kissing
solar wind

Falling isn’t forever,
Inevitable return is
a complicated romance.

NaPoWriMo16.2: Calendars


On Venus poets have
almost twenty years
to compose thirty poems
for Venusian Poetry Writing Month

For JuPuWriMo
the Jovians have about
twelve and a half days
for the whole shebang

You’d think a luxurious
but not decadent
thirty days would be perfect
and yet down to the wire we go once again.